Erogenous Zones still you do not know

Intimidad ParejaIt is common to hear about that few men actually know how to please a woman in bed, because the males, sometimes much more focus your pleasure by providing satisfaction to your partner

In addition to this, there is also the version that they only thing that matters is the penetration, since no pains in a previous eroticism, in caresses, words and playfulness that can lead to ecstasy to his lover.

Perhaps one of the reasons why this happens is the lack of knowledge of the female erogenous zones. They know of the existence of the clitoris, the G spot, the tenderness of the breasts and mons, but it is noteworthy that are not the only parts of the body that stimulate can excite women.

To have a broad knowledge of all the points that can cause females, sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, was given the task of writing a book titled "Sex ... now what do I do ?!", which crumbles and details each female corners that can be extremely pleasurable, so they have accurate manual to explore your partner's body.

 1. Hair. In this area we also refer to the scalp, which can massage to relax your partner, so you forget about your problems to surrender to the moment of pleasure. Then you can go to the hair, pet him, play with him and maybe take it a little strength, without hurting, because women like to feel some mastery by her lover.

2. Ears. While play around with your hair, you can, with your fingertips, caressing the contours of your ears, bring your mouth and nose, and breathe very gently near them, this will cause a very pleasant reaction, which will put your goosebumps. It is recommended that you use the tip of your tongue and give, in the shape of the ears, a tender and subtle kisses that cause.

3. Nape, neck and shoulders. Following the path, we come to the part that is formed by these three areas. You can start at the nape, pulling her hair so she can feel your breath, then passes to the neck, which is sensitive and irresistible kisses while your mouth is busy in her neck, your hands can perform a massage on the shoulders recalls that the more softness and delicacy, the excitement is greater meddle in your lover.

4. Eyes. The eyes are also a very sensitive part, can play making your partner keep them closed while you delight you, without any restriction, with your body. The uncertainty of not knowing where you are going to place your hands, your mouth or your penis can be very exciting for her.

5. Spine. In your journey is highly recommended that you stop in the back of your lover, to caress her, this part of the body, besides being very wide, it features that if you stimulate feelings can cause very, very pleasurable nerve endings. Remember that there are no limitations, you can kiss, caress, lick, touch, etc.

6. Armpit. This area could look attractive zero, it is nevertheless are very sensitive, so manual motivation can be very effective to excite your partner. Try it! You lose nothing to prove.

7. Forearms and hands. Your lips and tongue may subtly down arms and stop right forearm, the area between elbow and wrist of your hand, which is very susceptible to strokes. And to finish with this part, you can suck his fingers, and cachondona a seductive way.

8. Internal Thighs. A little further down we find the delicious thighs, where men usually love lost. They need to know that when you pass your fingers through this area, often cause chills in them and if your mouth and tongue frolic here will make them extremely happy.

9. perineum. It is located between the genitals and anus. The touch of your fingers or tongue in this area is usually very exciting; and since you are there, do not forget to stimulate with manual and oral caresses, anus, because it can be an orgasmic experience.

10 foot. Not many people makes it attractive this part of the body, however, there are those who on the contrary, a few feet manicured them crazy about sex is concerned, this fascination is called fetishism.


Maximalism is back

Maximalismo DecoracinThis trend overdone and excessive decoration of the 80 returns, for lovers of gold, furs and luxury

The television series have been the ambassadors par excellence of this maximalist trend and as its name says is the opposite of the simple details, for your spaces, ie against minimalism style has taken over recently. The Baroque is the flag of this trend and seize the ornate details of your rooms.

Design with personality: In many houses or apartments are details of this style, but tries to minimize its impact with more simple decorations, but the new trend is to recharge the decor and definitely fill your spaces with designs with personality.

The passion for excess: The maximalism is fully recharged and baroque, where the gold with glare and reflections take over the room, accompanied animal prints prints, fabrics and textures such as velvet, and fine materials such as marble, for your floors and walls.

Luxury in the exact spot: Many times it is believed that it is tacky overdone, but maximalism is in perspective. To suit your home, you have to have great footage and light (natural and artificial). For this style spaces must be comprehensive, in this way the decoration is in perfect harmony.

Another trick to do is play with prospects, create the visual effect. Also use antiques and vintage pieces, which provide such sophistication and a twist.

renewed trend: The maximalism was widely used in the 80s, but now is dosed to recharge seamlessly into modern spaces and depending on the room you want to decorate can choose to give only some details of the baroque, such as a gilded mirror, a special lamp or wall papered with vintage reasons.

Make your spaces become worthy of the great mansions rooms full of luxuries and brightness, but without excess.


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10 Habits of People Who Are Always Happy

Landdsape HapinessA lot of the time, "do this and you'll be happy" lists read like directions on how to make ice cubes. Like, duh, you should exercise and eat vegetables. But what else? A recent AskReddit thread prompted users to reveal the little things they do to make themselves happy every day. While they might not all be mind-blowing revelations, if even one of these tips helps make your day better it was totally worth reading. These are the things happy people try and do every day:

1. If possible, don't hold onto problems you can't do anything about. "I don't worry about things, don't hold grudges, always look forward with an eye on solving problems rather than dwelling on them. It took me a long time to understand that for some people they don't have that choice, that their anxieties don't allow them to just let things go and move on." — RyanLReviews

2. Wake up a few hours before you need to get ready for work so you can chill. "I work at 1PM, and always get up around 11-11:30AM. I can't even remember the last time I had to wake up to an alarm clock. I wake up feeling rested, take a shower, make breakfast and dick around on the internet before work. I never feel rushed." — beerfan1212

3. Keep track of all of the things you're grateful for during your day. "Every night before going to sleep I write a single thing that I was grateful for/happy about that happened that day. Ex: "Thank you for making the perfect bagel this morning" or "Thank you for the strength to get out of bed today." Appreciating very little things on a day to day basis helps you see how many sources of happiness you can have." — gabzilla325

4. Try to accept both the good and less good parts of yourself. "Yes, of course there are probably things about yourself that you can improve upon, but I think one of the most important aspects of being happy is recognizing your strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, and being OK with all that." —PM_ME_YOUR_KALE

5. Be honest about how you really feel as often as possible. "If I have a crush on someone I tell them. If someone is making me uncomfortable I tell them. If I love hanging out with someone I tell them." — DevOnDemand

6. Take a break from social media if it's making you feel like garbage. "I stopped going on Facebook. Looking at the News Feed is so toxic. I went through some really crappy stuff a few months ago and looking at my feed just made me even more sad. I was basically comparing myself to my friends' highlight reels. It's a sure fire way to get you down." — shibbles_

7. Have faith that all of the awful stuff that's happening right now means something better will happen soon. "I've always learned that when shitty things are happening and continue to happen that something good is going to come my way soon and it usually does. So just keep your head up. Things can't stay terrible forever." — socal_girl13

8. Remember to celebrate the little things in life as much as the bigger things. "People often wait and expect for amazing things to happen and ignore all those small things. My cat looking at me relaxed and happy or having a nice bubble bath. That is what makes me happy." — Klavierente

9. Tell everyone around you how awesome you think they are. "When you think of something nice about someone, tell them! They feel loved and appreciated, and it gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment." — emgeeee

10. Laugh (and fart, apparently) as much as you can. "Laugh at as many things as you can, and fart proudly when you are alone." — InvisibleInkling


The 5 Definitive Traits of a “Lumbersexual”

LumbersexualWhether you like it or not, there's a new label in town: the lumbersexual. And, while neologisms and portmanteaus make us groan, we can't deny when these things become things. As for the lumbersexual, think of him as the buttoned-down, bearded version of a metrosexual, or a grown-up version of a hipster. He's the kind of guy who enjoys craft beers and cortados, who cuffed his selvedge jeans until that went out of style, and who has his finger on the pulse of the latest technology, restaurants, or underground pop culture.

How do you know if you are a lumbersexual, or how do you recognize one in the wild? Follow these five guidelines.

1. The Scruff

The lumbersexual's facial hair is his pride and joy. If he's got stubble, it's a few days old at least. Likelier yet is a full beard or mustache. You will rarely find the lumbersexual clean shaven, as that would strip him of his casual, approachable aura.

2. The Wardrobe

The lumbersexual doesn't only wear flannel; his style is mostly notable in that it is neither stuffy nor polished. He orders from the L.L. Bean Signature catalog, and passes up the Nordstrom one. You might find him at high-end stores like APC, but only because he's looking for the best selvedge denim, leather gloves, or a wool winter jacket.

3. The Habitat

The lumbersexual is not confined to one place. In cities, he resides in whichever neighborhood is "up-and-coming," but he migrates when that neighborhood has sold out to chain stores and mass appeal. In their purest form, lumbersexuals also reside in more rural parts of the world. These are the ones who actually cut down trees or can fix a burst pipe and leaky faucet. While much of the movement is aspiration or imitation, some lumbersexuals are the real deal.

4. The Diet

The lumbersexual eats organic foods. He drinks craft beers and cocktails. You'll find him at locally owned coffee shops and farm-to-table establishments, eating well and savoring each hearty bite. In the countryside, he might be a subsistence farmer, picking eggs from his chicken coop, and living off the things he grows and cultivates.

5. The Lifestyle

The lumbersexual appreciates quality over quantity. He doesn't need "bigger and faster" unless it's the latest iPhone model. He wants to know that the things he owns are made to last. Where a metrosexual might value how something looks, a lumbersexual values how something feels—especially if it's soft-cotton flannel.

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Tips for improving your home lighting

Tips homeOne of the most important roles of light in the decoration is separate environments and create a particular atmosphere in each

In addition to good distribution in space of furniture and accessories, you need to have enough light in every room in the home, according to tasks or activities that take place in them, for example, cooking, makeup, reading, working or sleeping.

To achieve this, the German brand of interior design offers some tips for improving lighting:

Combining different types of fixtures, including ceiling lamps type ceiling, recessed and pendant that provide light to the entire area. Calls up a zone is promptly used. The latter is recommended to place them on a nightstand or next to a couch or comfortable.

In the case of a room, you should use warm lighting to enliven family conversation and rest. Now, if the room is games or reading will need a brighter.

Another common use is to highlight objects, walls or works of art. In this case, the lights have to be placed in different locations and intensity grading.

When choosing bulbs, consider that the appropriate voltage and color of light. The white light are suitable for work areas, while the yellow light for stays of relaxation, such as bedrooms.

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Five perfect films to celebrate Mother's Day

Mother's Five perfect Put together a home theater, make popcorn and sit and watch movies with mom on her day is a different and fun proposal. The Eme Team prepared a list of 5 films to celebrate Mother's Day:

1. Mamma Mia! (2008): Donna Sheridan (Merryl Streep) prepares everything for the marriage of his only daughter, Sophie, who wishes to discover who her father before her wedding day.

2. Changeling (2008): In this story the only son of Mrs. Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) has disappeared and police officers delivered a child who is not theirs.

3. The Blind Side (2009): The Tuohy family welcomes a friend of his son, Michael Oher lamado, giving all necessary support to achieve to be a professional football player. For this movie Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for Best Actress.

4. Freaky Friday (2003): A film that teaches the importance of putting in another's shoes, literally.

5. Becouse I Said So (2007): An overprotective mother, does everything possible to get to the only partner of his daughters who is single.

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